Sheez Late

Sheez Late is a high-energy original alternative folk rock band from central Massachusetts.


   Band current member's are Ron Roy on Guitar/Vocals, Chuck Voorhees on Bass Guitar/Vocals, Adam Desrosiers on Percussions/Vocals and Joe Sheehan on Drums. Past members include Amy Mackey on Bass Guitar/Vocals and Adam Harrington on Cello.


    First formed in the early 1990’s, Sheez Late’s style was influenced by bands like the Pixies, Nirvana and other alternative rock groups of that era.  In the 90’s Sheez Late toured throughout New England and has even played the famed CBGB’s in New York City.
   Over the years (and a long hiatus) Sheez Late made the transition to acoustic instruments adding a hand percussionist.  The new sound is a unique blend of rock, folk, country, blues and alternative rock.

Live, Sheez Late will get you dancing. Even without the electric guitars and loud amplifiers, they still Rock!


Currently, Sheez Late can be seen performing in the cafés, clubs and festivals all around the Northeast.